Raymax Lasers


White Papers

1. File description: ANFF-SA - Increasing minerals plant processing efficiencies with a sip through a chip [1433.9KB]

File name: Craig_Priest_Magetteaux_Dec_2020.pdf

2. File description: Bionic Production GmbH - Optimizing spare parts management using mobile 3D printing solutions [1362.2KB]

File name: Whitepaper_Optimizing-spare-parts-management.pdf

3. File description: Linx - Bruichladdich case study [1034.7KB]

File name: Bruichladdich_case_study.pdf

4. File description: Linx - Edinburgh Beer case study [816.9KB]

File name: Edinburgh_Beer_case_study.pdf

5. File description: Hybrid Solution Moves Boundaries of Copper Welding [644.4KB]

File name: Laserline_-_Hybrid_Solution_Moves_Boundaries_of_Copper_Welding.pdf

6. File description: Optics Letters - Single-frequency 620 nm diamond laser at high power, stabilized via harmonic self-suppression and spatial-hole-burning-free gain [1990.0KB]

File name: Yang2019_LaserPaperwith2HFs.pdf

7. File description: Holo/Or - Using Diffractive Optical Elements [387.6KB]

File name: HoloOr_-_Using_Diffractive_Optical_Elements.pdf

8. File description: Holo/Or - Adjustable-Function Beam Shaping Methods [1004.7KB]

File name: HoloOr_-_Adjustable-Function_Beam_Shaping_methods.pdf

9. File description: SLM - Bugatti Develops and Builds Functional Components for High-Performance Vehicles [602.6KB]

File name: SLM_-_Bugatti_Components.pdf

10. File description: Linx - Linx laser coders deliver quality codes for high provenance spirits [1034.7KB]

File name: bruichladdich-case-study-lores.pdf

11. File description: FDA Webinar - Technical Considerations for Additive Manufactured Medical Devices January 2018 [173.6KB]

File name: FDA_Webinar_Jan_2018.pdf

12. File description: Technical Considerations for Additive Manufactured Medical Devices 2017 [484.1KB]

File name: Technical_Considerations_AM_FDA_2017_.pdf

13. File description: Laserline - Thermal Spraying with Diode Laser [2403.5KB]

File name: Thermal_Spraying.pdf

14. File description: SLM - In Situ Melt Pool Monitoring [1031.0KB]

File name: whitepaper_mpm_alberts_0.pdf

15. File description: HOLO/OR - Laser Beam Splitting by Diffractive Optics [337.9KB]

File name: LaserBeamSplitter-DiffractiveOptics.pdf

16. File description: FOBA - Case Study: Laser marking of reusable surgical instruments mastering multi-process requirements [1169.1KB]

File name: AppsNote-ReprocessingLaserMarkedInstruments-EN-08.17.pdf

17. File description: SLM - Troubleshooting Made Easy With BeamWatch® AM [740.2KB]

File name: SLM-Troubleshooting-BeamWatch_-AM.pdf

18. File description: SLM - The Effect of Metal 3D Additive Manufacturing [2023.3KB]

File name: The_Effect_of_Metal_3D_Additive_Manufacturing.pdf

19. File description: SPI - Laser Texturing for High Friction Applications [2187.1KB]

File name: Laser-Texturing-for-High-Friction-Applications_copy.pdf

20. File description: FOBA - Medical Device Marking: Challenges and Solutions [2719.2KB]

File name: FOBA_WhitePaper_LaserMarking_MedicalDevices.pdf

21. File description: Linx - Understanding Laser Marking Technologies [485.3KB]

File name: White_Paper_Linx_Understanding.pdf