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Perforation Lasers and Fume Extraction Units

Perforation Lasers

We offer the innovative Perfotec laser system for food shelf life extension through packaging micro-perforation. This revolutionary technology reduces wastage in produce and other food sectors through customised laser perforation.

Raymax Lasers has also previously developed & installed an alternative laser specific for perforation of plastic films for direct use in your wraps used for food shelf life extension with finer micro perforation options.

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Fume Extraction Units

Raymax offers the BOFA range of laser extraction units for air quality and should always be considered for safety reasons on production lines. BOFA in the UK have won many awards for excellent quality extractors for a variety of industrial uses. BOFA’s ranger of Advantage laser fume and filtration extraction systems are designed for applications that generate particulate and gaseous organic compounds.
Lasers are now an essential tool in industry for cutting, marking, engraving and welding a vast range of materials. Metals are the most commonly worked substrate but organic materials (plastics, paper, wood) are catching up fast.
In virtually all the above operations some form of fume is given off as the laser thermally decomposes the substrate to a greater or lesser degree. This fume is a mixture of particulate and gaseous matter.

Most of the particles are spherical and roughly 90% by weight are less than 1µ in diameter. These particles fall within the respirable range and need to be removed from the working environment to prevent bronchial or lung damage.
The gaseous organic compounds produced are known as Volatile Organic Compounds, VOC's.
The VOC's produced are a mixture of the following:
*Aliphatic hydrocarbons: alkane, alkene
*Aromatic hydrocarbons: benzene, toluene, xylene
*Aldehyde: formaldehyde
*Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: benzo(a)pyrene
Additionally some materials have other specific groups e.g. PVC polymers generate HCl, 2 component epoxy polymers yield amines and PET generates THF.
A considerable number of the above have Occupational exposure limits set for them and these are detailed in the Bofa Operator health section. Obviously, as with the particulate element these gases need removing from the workplace.
If you have any questions regarding which extractor is suitable to your specific needs, contact us and we can recommend an option to you. Visit the BOFA website or view the various You tube clips at Bofa.

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