Raymax Lasers


Micromachining and Microstructure Engineering Applications

We offer a range of custom and standard Excimer and short pulse-length micromachining systems. Our laser systems can generate feature sizes of 1-500 microns - a size at which it is difficult to find a drill bit, let along sharpen it! This level of precision has been used extensively in industries such as medical device manufacture, industrial research and security.

We offer micromachining systems from the following partners:

For your specific micro-industrial requirements from makers -

  • Lasea for precision laser solutions


  • Optec - standard and custom excimer and short pulse-length systems.

Custom Optics - If you need a specific optical design, visit the LightMachinery Optical Design Tools Centre.

We offer laser sources for microstructures engineering from the following suppliers:

  • Lasea Precision lasers, for likes of watchmaking
  • Amplitude - high rep-rate femtosecond laser systems
  • ATL - compact excimer laser systems.
  • Kloe - lithography, Dilase technology.
  • Lightmachinery - Excimer/TEA-CO2 lasers
  • Lightmachinery Optics - high-flatness lenses, etalons, reflectors and other optics
  • Lumentum - nanosecond lasers and laser diodes
  • Teem Photonics - extremely compact nano- and picosecond lasers.

For further information on laser systems, we specialise in technologies enabling.