Raymax Lasers


Advanced Manufacturing

Raymax offers a full range of direct diode, fibre and YAG laser systems for industrial applications including welding, cladding, cutting, near-nett shape manufacture, plastic welding, heat treatment and 3D printing. Our lasers are used in aviation, automotive manufacture, consumer goods, medical, mining and more.

With direct diode systems to 15kW from Laserline and fibre lasers to 3kW from JK, SPI are able to tailor a high-powered and high performance application your industrial requirements.

Laserline's newest diode laser sets new benchmarks for remote welding and laser cutting. Contact us for more info or for a brochure on the 4kW LDF diode Laser with Beam Converter.

Our LaserCLAD neat-nett shaping lasers offer unique advantages when constructing complex 3D forms directly in dense metals.

Our advanced manufacturing solutions come from the following companies:

News 3D & BeAM: BeAM 3D

We specialise in technologies enabling: