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Q: What laser do you have for marking or coding on bottles or boxes?
A: Lasers from Linx Xymark in UK and Alltec, based in Germany, click here for more information.

Q: What laser is best for cutting or welding?
A; The answer depends on the type of material and its thickness. However, you will find more information in general from pages on our website. Either GSI Ltd (UK) or Laserline (Germany) are likely to do most heavy duty laser jobs. But please contact us if you can’t find what you're looking for.

Q: Cutting very fine material only microns thick only and need to know how well the job is done, what sort of laser is good for this?
A: A Laser system from our partners in Belgium is likely to be the best solution, with process viewing on-board for full or partial automation of your task.

Q:- How do I know if the laser is giving the right energy or power?
A:- We sell OPHIR power meters to measure the performance of your laser. The Ophir meters are the world’s best power meter, their accuracy is traceable and are all made to the ISO9001 standard. More information available here.

Safety Incident report download.

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