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John Grace from Raymax Lasers and Ralf Frohwerk in discussion with a prospect

  • Read about the use of adjustable-function beam shaping or diffractive optical elements in two new white papers by Holo/Or.

  • You can now read about Bugatti's use of SLM technology to develop and build functional components for high-performance vehicles. Click here to read the full white paper.

  • His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret'd), Governor of New South Wales and Mrs Linda Hurley stopped by to visit John Grace and Dr Cédric Chaminade of Raymax at their stand at Avalon 2019. As a former senior officer in the Australian Army, His Excellency has a keen interest in developments in the aerospace industry including building of unique parts using 3D capability with an SLM Solutions laser and repairs on aircraft with a Laserline system.

  • Raymax will be at the Avalon Air Show 2019! The team will be showcasing SLM Solutions 3D metal printing laser systems. If you want to see what Raymax and SLM have to offer, be sure to book tickets now or contact us for more information.

Australian International Airshow Aerospace & Defence Expo Avalon 2019

CAMS 2018 - Advancing Materials and Manufacturing

  • Raymax will be attending CAMS2018, the conference for the Combined Australian Materials Society held from 27-29 November 2018. More information is available here.

  • The Combined Australian Materials Society has also issued a call for abstracts for posters and presentations to be at CAMS 2018. If you're interested in submitting an abstract, the entry form is available here.

  • LINX has replaced the reliable SL500 laser coder with a new technologically advanced system, SLHP, for high speed permanent marking on a range of strata. Download the product data sheet here.

  • A Raymax-supplied and supported laser cladding system is now up and running at RUAG Australia, as described in the article 'Innovative approaches to cutting aircraft maintenance costs' on page 48 of the February/March 2018 issue of AMT Magazine.

  • Raymax is pleased to announce that they have completed installation of a new SLM125HL 3D metal printer from SLM Solutions at the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF)’s OptoFab Node at Macquarie University

  • Raymax is now distributor for Southern Photonics, a New Zealand-based company offering high reliability femtosecond lasers for nonlinear microscopy and materials surface processing.

Southern Photonics logo

  • The June/July issue of AMT magazine has a new article on using 3D printing with metals in the injection moulding industry.

  • Linx launches the new CSL60 laser coding system. The CSL60 is designed for high-speed coding applications in demanding production environments. Based on CO2 laser technology, the Linx CSL60 has a high powered 60 W laser tube which makes it ideal for beverage, food, personal care, automotive, extrusion and carton packing applications. For customers who need to improve their coding and marking process, the CSL60 includes a number of unique features that ensure high quality product coding across the widest range of materials and line speeds.

Linx CSL60 laser coding system

See Us At Stand 740 at Austech 2017

Ophir Optronics 2A-BB-9 general purpose high-sensitivity thermal meter

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