Raymax Lasers


What we do

What we do:
Raymax Lasers® is an Australian Laser company, leading the field in the supply of laser solutions and Optronics equipment to enable laser technology to improve sectors within advanced manufacturing, research and development, scientific applications, security, coding and marking.

Our expertise:
With more than 20 years of operation, the company has continued to grow its expertise and supply base sourcing from highly reputable laser and Optronics equipment manufacturers of leading technology in Europe, the UK and the Americas.

With expertise on the ground in Australia our team of physicists and factory trained engineers, use our extensive knowledge of laser technology and applications in both Australia and New Zealand, meaning we offer reliable service and support. Working with customers we like to ensure the laser solution installed not only solves the initial ‘issue’ but also offers innovation in the workplace or research facility.

Our History:
Established in 1992 by John Grace, a physicists with experience in both research and laser applications in a range of industry groups, he saw the need to supply quality laser systems that solved customer problems, while at times introducing them to new technology that would enable improvements in operation.

John’s innovative approach and dedication to provide customer-specific solutions, has seen the successful installation of hundreds of lasers across Australia and New Zealand in industries as diverse as marking on wine bottles to manufacturing medical equipment and restorative cladding on oil rig parts.

Located on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney, NSW, the company continues to source the latest in laser technology and professional staff with dedication and expertise of understanding lasers and how they can be specific to an application to benefit the process be it manufacturing or research.

Bringing the best, most effective leading-edge laser and Optronics solutions to advance Australian and New Zealand industries and research and development organisations.

To dedicate our expertise to achieving our goals of innovation, best practice and first-class customer service, to the benefit of both our customers and our suppliers.

Raymax is a Secure TRAC Compliant Company with International Ethical Accreditation

Our customer base includes:

  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • The majority of wine bottlers in Australia: Vinpac, Casella,
  • Premium Wine Estates.
  • Divisions in CSIRO
  • Various Drink and Food Manufacturers
  • Glass manufacturers
  • Various Health care Network services
  • Venture research in Universities across the country.